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 Our new  common-unity and Private forum is now being built here:-www.splspro.com

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Please watch these free x 3 Trust/Equity videos - Hosted on Our Youtube channel 

Click the link below for the playlist we have added, featuring Richard Ansah's Trust And Equity Seminars.

Please watch all three videos.


We are a common-unity, here as a digital open uni-verse-ity.
We are not registered, affiliated or licensed under any legal institution or academy. Inc' but not limited to:
The Crown Temple B.A.R.or Law Society.We do not offer legal advice, we are Private Anglo Womb-Men, whom are realising at a vast rate, that we are not the STRAW-MAN and do not wish to accept the public liabilities associated with it.

We are no longer the legal trustee of this misconstrued relation-ship, once we express the correct trust relation-ship, we are free, and will return back to being a beneficiary and or Settlor.

We are to move into the private, to do this we need to comprehend a great deal, such as Money, Cash, Currency, Transfers, Tendering, Payments, Orders, Bills Of Exchange, Bankruptcy, Transfer, Accepted for Value, Endorsement, Litigation, Enforcement, Contract, Equal and Valuable consideration,Maxims and Presumptions, to start with!!

Then we have the different types of relation-ships, we need to cognise them and know how to respond to them, at the correct level of law.

Public or private,a big difference, we can eventually, become the litigant in person and limit the Justices discretion.

We are working closely with one fellow Womb-Man, a brother in our family, Richard Ansah,he has very kindly, shared his work so far with us and helped us begin to comprehend,the inner workings of Equity and its dynamics.We found Richard, through our usual channels of research and discovery, we examined his work, brought to us via a F.B User called Kenith AsKing.

we watched the x 3 Trust videos and Equity introduction videos and decided to look further into this hidden realm.

We have not looked back since!!! 

Contact for the Free trial further information

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We are currently building an external private forum and restructuring our education packages, only for members of our S.P.L family (Sovereign Paralegal) 

If you cannot link to us via facebook, use the contact us option on here and we will send you a code to use with the courses.

We are to teach this content, off facebook and in the private.

The facebook group will stay, as it serves for an introduction into Law and Equity.

We will look to hold meetings and talks in major cities, to gather support and inform our fellow Womb-Men about the many troubling legal issues we face everyday.

At our meetings and talks, we will have available:- 

Info packs 


Personal 1 to 1  or multi user Skype chats

To inform the youth of today of their current statuses.





Our PDF and Notice archive will be here for free downloads