Greetings - Our Latest Video Update

David and Surj's First video together 👊🕵👊

We openly discuss our recent findings and new directions into N.T.T. (New Trust Technology)

This is one of the most popular videos i have done so far, conterversial and for the right reasons.

We are humble and obliged to try and share what we know and cognise of this matrix of life.

Peace and love to all.


About Us


Sovereign Paralegals Explained....

ParaLegal it is... 

we will not break common law and attempting to appear to be a Solicitor..when conducting affairs. 

Here is a definition of the word Paralegal -  paralegalparəˈliːɡ(ə)l/NORTH AMERICAN noun

  1. 1.a person trained in subsidiary legal matters but not fully qualified as a lawyer.


  1. 1.relating to auxiliary aspects of the law.

If a company wants written notice from the person, we will send the consent for power of attorney..   "I /We are not a solicitors, and we can't give legal advice, however we can look at your file and tell you what is likely to happen.  When giving legal advice, because it is a copyrighted language only a solicitor can advise on it. What we do here is provide private paralegal counsel and advice against intended Bailiff action.If you want us to act for someone you may need a written power of attorney and that written power of attorney may need to be sent to the company that you want us to deal with on the your behalf. 👊👊👊 

We are not members of any Legal society, we are a collection of educated and honourable souls.We have done our homework with regards to our status and require you to use our email facility to let us know your interested in our cause and or want assistance with a Legal or Lawful issue. We want to rebrand our image, and as such we are now to be know as Sovereign Paralegals within Common Law.A small amount of rebranding, we are not Solicitors - despite the fact we can and do solicit every day.This will help establish our ethos from the get-go.
This is a private but open and honest UK and USA Common Law vs Statue Law Group.
We are not FREEMEN/FREEMAN Advocates.
(We are all free-born into existence, then within days of us being born, our parents are unwittingly tricked into a NON DISCLOSED CONTRACT..WITH THE G.R.O.and State...!!!)
Although it's a great concept..
Unfortunately this angle will get you nowhere fast,
Do not mention this in any correspondence to the authorities..
In Addition to that.. 

I have invoked Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta..
I strongly suggest that ALL MEMBERS CONSIDER DOING THIS.
I was informed that -You are not an official Inhabitant of England until you have done so.

You need to consider completing your statutory declaration in addition to your oath, make a personal Oath and you can also consider sending one to the Barrons, You may choses to write you Oath, then copy it, then send it to yourself via recorded non domestic mail.

This shows intent, I have not sent my Oath to the Barons as of yet.
The nature of this site and its ideologies are to use Common Law and Our Inherent inalienable Constitutional Birthrights as Natural Men and Womb-Men, And now TRUST AND EQUITY to take on these Scumbags in their own domain, whilst not allowing them jurisdiction over our natural bodies.
We can use N.T.T and EQUITY..this Law is above ALL LAWS.
Then comes Natural/Common Law.


So if you choose not to be Governed by statute law, they must and cannot force them upon you.

If they do, This is an abuse of your rights as mentioned above.
Your rights are your property and if that is abused then that action is comparable to terrorism and rape of your rights.
I'm trying to keep a very complicated subject simple here.

Example you may choose to consent to some statute laws such as The data protection Act..or the Health and safety Act.
You may choose not to be governed or consent to, The RTA Road traffic act.
If a policeman or officer pulls you over in your private traveling car NEVER A VEHICLE,
for speeding or parking Offence then you can argue that it is only an No injured party is present, no Common Law has been broken and that from the get-go You explain to the officer (Usually it is an officer acting for their master, the CROWN STATE) and policeman that you do not consent to this, at this time. This is your right.

You will need to consider writing letters - Statements of truth, Notice of Intent, Claim of Right and Affidavits to many and various local and Government bodies.See our files for downloads.
Send them recorded and signed for To the CEO of the various corporations, Police and possibly the Queen, I have not served the Monarchy - a dangerous game to play...
I advise ALL not to DE-REGISTER your Private traveling device..or RESCIND your licence just yet.

See the videos on Youtube by Dave Murphy and Hannah Rose,these will show you an effective way Hannahs way and an ineffective way Daves way.
Look for Levis Natty video on Youtube also..we will post links later.
He is brilliant and he speaks to the Road Traffic Officers using legalese and they don't even know what he's on about.
or they actually do but just want to Act for the Crown State and process you to earn revenue for their Masters, Via joinder
and contract Law..Without giving you full disclosure first!!
This is considered by us knowlegable sovereigns as an abuse of power, Whilst serving under their oath, in a public office.
We have many documents i can source all this to.
But i have checked and linked these Youtube videos in here, So you can watch the many and various ones on many different again Simplify this complicated system.
This is why we are here, as a Truth Seeking Lawful Gurus.. Apostles of light and love.
Watch some youtube videos i have mentioned in this post, (Dave Murphy and Hannah Rose- youtube)Amongst all the other relevant court and judicial ones that we have on our playlists - our link is at the top/bottom of this page.
Take your time, Make notes then come back with your thoughts and questions you may have.
Peace love and light.

Our Objectives in 2017

We will look to hold meetings and talks in major cities, to gather support and inform our fellow Womb-Men about the many troubling legal issues we face everyday, at our meetings and talks, we will have available:- Info packs T-ShirtsPersonal 1 to 1  or multi user Skype chatsTo inform the youth of today of their current statuses.TBC